Jinnah’s ‘unwanted’ heirs

And MML’s merry circus   Pre-partition, even after, Jinnah’s political speeches and rallies are teeming with statements that paved the way for Islamism in the country Mr Jinnah has fallen to contradiction


Movement on FATA reforms

But lack of clarity on important issues   President Mamnoon has signed off on certain proposals forreforming Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata). In terms of the judicial system or lack there of in the region



‘Eternal Chancellor’ Angela Merkel wins fourth term

—Alternative for Germany (AfD) captures around 13 per cent votes  Chancellor Angela Merkel clinched a fourth term in Germany’s election on Sunday, but her victory was clouded by the hard-right AfD party winning


Addressing the World at UNGA

A wake-up call for all?   It’s astonishing to see even the designers making their remarks about the Premier’s dress code. For a person holding an office of such paramount esteem, more


Girl dead, another injured as power pylon falls

RAJANPUR: A young girl died while another was injured when a power pylon fell down in Rajanpur on Sunday. Rescue sources said that a dilapidated electricity tower, over-burdened with electricity wires, suddenly fell

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