SC acquits death row convict after 10 years

The Supreme Court on Monday acquitted a death sentence accused convicted about 10 years ago. Muhammad Asif and his mother were booked in a FIR registered at the Police Station of Barki


Calling a spade a spade

Rabia Ahmed

Sometimes it really is black and white One gets used to hypocrisy being a sizeable factor in politics, but sometimes things get nauseating.  Obviously, this refers to Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi


Baffling dilemma

Controlling social media excesses against state institutions   All short tempered public debates of the Dawn Leaks were inevitably relegated to that final forum of controversies, the wild and wanton social media.


Economic Survey to be launched on Thursday

Pre-budget document presenting the state of the country’s economy, `the Economic Survey of Pakistan’ for the outgoing fiscal year 2016-17 is likely to be launched here on Thursday (May 25). All arrangements have been finalised to launch the Economic Survey...



The Taking of Caribbean  

Writing history   “Both Misbah and Younis touched their career landmarks with this series. There is a vacuum now that needs to be filled.”   The world as we know it is


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