Of mullahs and mullahism

Who will answer these questions? Show contempt or lack of reverence to God and you are a blasphemer. Speak anything sacrilegious in nature against a person or thing revered in a particular


Under a week-kneed government

ISI, from adviser to self-appointed mediator The ISI’s report on the Faizabad sit-in raises a number of issues. The Punjab government did not care to persuade the TLYR protesters to call off


Government to abolish support price system for sugarcane

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to completely abolish the support price system for sugarcane crop and devise a new pricing mechanism which would be tied to sugar’s wholesale price. This decision to abolish the existing sugarcane price system was taken...


“You cannot even imagine….”

A “trial” that was watched most eagerly. The Supreme Court taking on Dr Shahid Masood in response to his scandalous set of revelations regarding the tragic Kasur rape-murder case. Initially, parents, already


Melon growers suffer due to low rates

BADIN: Farmers of Badin have been sustaining acute water shortage for long which has caused them huge economic losses and their fertile soils have become barren. Lack of government’s attention, the monopoly

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