Unknown suspect vandalise mosque in Karachi

An unknown suspect broke into a Mosque in Karachi’s Steel Town area and tainted “holy books, religious symbols and names of revered personalities”, said police on Saturday. According to a local media

ECP completes arrangements for 2018 by-elections

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed all necessary arrangements for holding of bye-elections in 36 constituencies on October 14. According to an ECP official, the elections will be held for


Night of the long knives

Arif Nizami

Another first by Khan The sacking of Asad Umar as finance minister Thursday morning and later in the evening a few key ministers’ portfolios reshuffled has raised many questions about the style


The Buzdar administration

Serious questions about ability to deliver On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan told the PTI Chief Ministers that he would replace those who do not deliver with ones who can. A chief



Indian poll watchdog stops web series on Modi

NEW DELHI: India’s poll watchdog Saturday ordered producers to stop streaming a web series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, weeks after it banned a Bollywood film and clamped down on a TV channel


Media Watch: ‘Hail to the Chief’

There is talk, as their often is, of bringing in a presidential system in the country. Now, I do believe that in most cases, the simplest explanation is the correct one, Occam’s



Rights groups protest against forced conversions

–More protests planned in multiple cities across country, says activist LAHORE: Human rights activists and leaders of several minority parties on Saturday gathered at Charing Cross to protest against the alleged abduction and


Over 12m girls out of school in Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan has more than 12 million girls’ student out-of-school out 22 million students with Sindh and Punjab at the top. Moreover, the provision of government schools for girls is much lower


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KahaniSaaz begins it’s journey

KahaniSaaz begins it’s journey

LAHORE: KahaniSaaz, a digital platform for short films, introduced itself at a launch ceremony called, ‘Qissa-e-KahaniSaaz’, held at Olomopolo on April 19 2019. To bring out the true essence of what Kahanisaaz stands for, the team told it’s story through...