PM Imran, Bilawal spar on twitter over foreign travel

— Imran takes a jibe at Opp, wonders why some lawmakers are so ‘keen’ to leave country  –Bilawal says ‘selected PM’ doesn’t understand human rights or freedom of movement  —Sindh CM claims

ECP completes arrangements for 2018 by-elections

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed all necessary arrangements for holding of bye-elections in 36 constituencies on October 14. According to an ECP official, the elections will be held for


The impact of words

Beyond meaning and time Often without realising the power words hold and their impact go far beyond their meaning and time, leading to consequences that often leave a deep scar on the


Combined opposition throws down gauntlet 

A formidable challenge as PTI fails to deliver  The PPP and PML-N, who had long been at cross purposes, came together on Tuesday drawing the rest of the parliamentary  opposition also into


Miftah Ismail lambasts govt’s economic policies  

Miftah Ismail lambasts govt’s economic policies  

Agitated over the current economic condition of the country, former finance minister Mian Miftah Ismail on Thursday took to Twitter and lambasted the economic policies of the incumbent government. The former minister started off by shedding light on the current account...


Lyon explosion: Huge blast at university campus in France

A strong explosion and fire hit a science building undergoing repairs at the University of Lyon on Thursday, injuring three people slightly, French officials said. The area was evacuated after the explosion


Media Watch: Eat the rich

The Press Information Department’’s twitter handle ( @pid_gov ) is, in effect, the official twitter account of the Government of Pakistan. One wonders why, then, those managing the account feel the need





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