ECP completes arrangements for 2018 by-elections

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed all necessary arrangements for holding of bye-elections in 36 constituencies on October 14. According to an ECP official, the elections will be held for


When home is Hell

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Everywhere and anywhere else is Eden waiting with open arms, armed coastal guards and barbed wires For some home is not the place where their heart is. For some salvation lies elsewhere.


Remember, remember the 16th of December

Ugliest scar on the national consciousness Of all the things the prime minister said about the APS tragedy – great sacrifice, need for better security and education, etc – nothing stood out


Own five properties in London, not eight: Vawda

Own five properties in London, not eight: Vawda

Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda owns properties in expensive areas of London, although he has emphasised they were purchased with money earned legally, a local media outlet reported on Monday. The PTI leader has declared his assets with the Election Commission of...


Bombing near Athens damages offices of Greek media group

ATHENS: A powerful bomb detonated outside a major Greek broadcaster and newspaper publisher near Athens early Monday, causing serious damage to the facade of the building but no injuries. Greek politicians across


Media Watch: ‘Happy to be ashamed…’

Not a bad performance, over all He wasn’t as bad at the BBC’s Hard Talk as his boss, the current prime minister, on the same programme before the elections. And Asad Umar’s





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