Caretaker govt admits removing Asma Hamid illegally

LAHORE: Punjab caretaker government has admitted its mistake of removing Asma Hamid from the post of Punjab advocate general (AG) by withdrawing an earlier notification that removed Asma from her post and accepting


Exchange rate blues

Vagaries of Consciousness Need to bring order to the economy What happened to the exchange rate on Black Monday (16-7-2018) would go down as perhaps the worst day for Pakistan’s economy. Six


The straws in the wind

What is clear and what remains vague There is an agreement among all election surveys that the PTI has made a headway in its public rating. Where the surveys differ is the


SBP to increase low cost housing finance portfolio

SBP to increase low cost housing finance portfolio

ISLAMABAD: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has targeted in its newly formulated policy to increase housing finance portfolio of banks and Development Financial Institutes (DFIs) from current, Rs83 billion to Rs250 billion by June 2021, along with increasing the...



Dr Bengai makes a case for Balochistan

Book review: A Cry for Justice: Emperical Insights from Balochistan Balochistan cries for justice. The province has, for seventy years, suffered a situation where the country has taken much from and given


Engro Foods organises Twin City Tennis Tournament

KARACHI: Engro Foods Limited (EFL) organised a Twin City Tennis Tournament at Islamabad which was held at one of the biggest tennis courts in the country, Islamabad Tennis Complex. Around 100 tennis




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