Rohingya Genocide  

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Another crime against humanity is taking place. Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority, mostly habited for centuries in the Rahkine State of Myanmar (formerly Burma) faces systematic prosecution at the hands of country’s


Consultations in London

Arrogance, ignorance and incompetence   Nawaz Sharif faces the consequences of mishandling the Panama case. Had Sharif agreed to resolve the issue through the joint parliamentary committee, this would have strengthened the




Iconic Esena Foundation School shuts down

The iconic Esena Foundation High School for girls has shut down after more than half a century of successful and acclaimed educational prowess. The first of its kind, Esena Foundation High School was a

Arts / Entertainment

Music piracy on increase worldwide: industry group

Music piracy is on the increase worldwide, with 40 percent of users are accessing unlicensed music, up from 35 percent last year, the global recorded music industry group IFPI said. Internet search