White Lies: The Lordships on their turf

A petitioner wants five Justices to be sacked, one of them, the new CJP. Amongst the litany of complaints are the allegations of unaccountable wealth that the now infamous presidential reference Justice Qazi Issa also referred to.

But it is only against the incumbent chief justice of the Lahore High Court and another justice of the same court that the petitioner makes the most serious argument against. One, which if there was any justice in the system, should immediately relieve the two of their jobs: that they falsely claimed to have scored a hole-in-one at the Lahore Gymkhana golf course!

Of one of the two, he writes: “This fact came to the knowledge of the Petitioner, who is an avid golfer, who was astonished to know that the hole-in-one claimed by Respondent No. 5 on Hole no. 1 which is a par 4 hole is not possible except by divine intervention, which is certainly not the case at hand.”

A bold assumption on part of the petitioner, because the Almighty is famous for moving in mysterious ways.

In any case, the petitioner claims that the palms of the caddies have been greased (yes, this conspiracy goes all the way to the bottom) so that the names of these two could be displayed on the hole-in-one board of the Gymkhana, an honour not known to all but a select few.

A career in the higher judiciary and apex court is but a stepping stone for this actual prize.

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