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US, Pakistan and India

Spin and reality Despite sharp difference between the US and India on trade issues, President Trump considers PM Narendra Modi as a strategic ally while relations with Pakistan are seen important but

Dr. Death

Organ trafficking claims a life yet again Up until 2007 Pakistan was considered one of the premier destinations in the world for procuring a kidney illegally due to the absence of any

Parting of ways

Accurate or not, Bilawal’s remarks signal the end of cooperation PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that PML-N supreme leader Mian Nawaz Sharif too had been a ‘selected’ Prime Minister before Imran

PM torn between two extremes

An exercise in unaffordable populism Prime Minister Imran Khan is caught between two stools. As a staunch admirer of Ayub Khan’s economic model, based on the trickle-down theory, he has consistently advocated

Peace at last?

Hopefully yes A ‘partial truce’ has been reached between US forces and the Afghan Taliban for a week long “reduction in violence” guaranteeing that there will be no ‘major offensive operations’ from

In search of a scapegoat

PTI govt throws AGP  under the bus On Tuesday Attorney General Anwar Masood Khan made a statement before the full bench of the SC that was dubbed by the judges as “uncalled

FATF reprieve

Buy only until June The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has put off putting Pakistan on its blacklist, but has retained it on its grey list, and will decide in June whether

PSL home at last

The momentum should continue The holding of the PSL tournament in Pakistan should have been a matter of routine. However, the fact that it took until the fifth tournament to be held

Opposition’s dilemma

Waiting for the referee to raise finger? The media continues to broadcast live interviews with the people in the streets bitterly complaining of rising prices, unemployment, businesses closing down leading to retrenchments

Leaving social media alone

The government realises control is beyond it By directing the Information Technology Ministry to take aboard stakeholders before implementing the social media rules recently approved by the federal Cabinet, Prime Minister Imran

Ehsan’s escape

Answers required Federal Interior Minister Ejaz Shah has confirmed that former Tehrik Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan had indeed escaped, as he had claimed in an audio message recently. However, Mr Shah

Resurgence of polio

Vaccination drives under security threat As if the continuing rise of confirmed polio cases across the country was not enough, vaccination drives to protect against the crippling virus have once again come

Karachi gas leak

With the cause unknown, ICU patients need the most attention The gas leak in Kemari presented the scene of a gas attack, except that the source of gas attacks is usually known.

UN Secretary General

Call for mediation on Kashmir rejected United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres made an offer of mediation between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue, but India rejected that offer. He also

Letter from the AIC

Government still has time to review its new digital media laws There has already been significant and justified outrage over the PTI government’s attempt to regulate social media through a ridiculous set

IMF intends to collect

The success of the IMF review will cost the common man In a negotiation which went into extra time, the IMF and Pakistan came to an agreement on how to proceed further.