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Karachi dead in the water

The Sindh government has failed miserably Despite an intervention by the federal government, through the NDMA and Pakisan Army rescue teams, to resolve Karachi’s urban-flooding crisis brought about by monsoon rains, the

Lifting curbs on industry

Brave, though a bit of a crapshoot The government has taken a brave step by lifting the curbs on tourism and hospitality industry. The decision was taken in view of a significant

More FATF requirements met

Citizens’ rights have to be protected The joint sitting of Parliament on Thursday night passed the Mutual Legal Assistance (Criminal Matters) Bill 2020 only after two days of consultations between government and

Pakistan, India and the Gulf

The myth of Muslim Ummah Pakistan’s influence in the Gulf has waned over time. Last year, India’s Foreign Minister was invited as guest of honour to address the OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting

Keeping it on the rails

There must be no delays in such a useful project The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved a Rs 1.137 trillion project for the improvement of the ML-1

Modi has lost Kashmir

But has Pakistan a strategy to win it? One year after stripping the occupied Kashmir of its autonomy and turning the whole region into a virtual jail, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Civil Service Reform

Ignoring the youth bulge One of the election campaign promises made by the PTI was to find jobs for the youth bulge. That promise did not seem to have worked out before

The PTI needs to dial back

As opposition limbers up for action One of the major failures of the PTI government is its inability to keep the prices of the commodities of daily use under control. Those hired

The new normal

Moving forward safely and with caution Pakistan, through some miracle, has pulled off an impressive recovery from the coronavirus pandemic that hit the country hard, reaching its peak in mid-June. The PTI

Rains and politics

Karachi needs a more permanent solution to its infrastructure problem For the citizens of Karachi, the catastrophe created by monsoon rains is an annual event. The city’s sewerage and drainage system is

Staying the course

SBP thinks the modest GDP growth target can be met The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), in its report on the third quarter of the financial year just past, 2019-20, has also

SAPMs depart

Dual nationality hardly the reason SAPMs Tania Aidrus (e-governance) and Dr Zafar Mirza (Health Services) have resigned not because they had really delivered and their respective jobs were done, though Ms Aidrus