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Mending fences

Resumption of dialogue with Afghanistan Ever-erratic Pak-Afghan relations have taken a more sober tone as Afghan president Ashraf Ghani during his speech at the on-going session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA)

Dr. Strangelove II?

Trump’s UN speech sends shivers down listeners’ spines     The maiden speech of the weird White House occupant in the United Nations General Assembly left many among his shaken listeners wishing

Ch Nisar’s responsibility

PML-N’s self-inflicted wounds     While PML-N has a strategy, however controversial, to contain the Panama case fallout, there’s no telling how much round after round of self-inflicted damage will hurt the

Consultations in London

Arrogance, ignorance and incompetence   Nawaz Sharif faces the consequences of mishandling the Panama case. Had Sharif agreed to resolve the issue through the joint parliamentary committee, this would have strengthened the

Avoiding a collision course

Downgrading US-Pakistan ties a no-win option The PM’s New York visit to attend the 72nd session of the 193 member United Nations General Assembly, which he is scheduled to address on Thursday, comes at

The contest in Lahore

Charity resources for politicking   Despite the PML-N’s  great expectations, the  party simply failed to raise  a sympathy wave in NA-120.  While Maryam Nawaz delivered speeches recounting the ‘injustice’ done to  Nawaz

Panama and NA-120

And the future     The Panama case seems to have had a limited impact on the ground in NA-120. There is a visible lot that has turned. Yes, they stuck with

Cat to bell the fat cats

New NAB chairman must unanimously be considered Mr. Right The race to appoint a successor to the incumbent NAB chief retiring in October after four tumultuous years has started timely, though on

Minorities and the state

Eyes wide shut!   The thought that poor Sharoon Masih’s cruel death reaching the august National Assembly might bring about some change, however delayed, for minorities in the future is self defeating.

Home sweet home cricket

World Eleven players, ICC and PCB deserve cricket fan’s gratitude   Pakistan’s decades -long fight against terrorism was uphill, perilous and costly in human lives lost, but the worst hopefully appears to

In this day and age

There is no place for an Ayub era anachronism   The private sector ending the monopoly of the state over print and electronic media, the country has witnessed an efflorescence of newspapers