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After the indictments

And delaying tactics   The Sharifs clearly invested considerable effort and time, not just in court, to delay the indictment. The lawyer-mob outside the accountability court the other day – an ominous

Drone implications

And Pak-US relations     Islamabad was more than happy, naturally, to see a US drone take out the notorious Jamaat-ul-Ahraar (JuA) chief Umar Khalid Khorasani in Paktia on Tuesday. Pakistan has long

An Intensifying UAV campaign

Details of latest drone attack shrouded in mystery So far, conflicting and confusing reports have emerged concerning the four US drone attacks on Monday and Tuesday that need further official verification and

The moot in Muscat

And the formidable headwinds   The Quadrilateral Cooperation Group (QCG) comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States, and China held its first meeting in January 2016 and the fifth and last one in

Trump’s dangerous gamble

Rejection of Iran nuclear deal to open a Pandora’s Box   The 45th US President has kept his nation and the world on tenterhooks since assuming office with his sensational tweets, flip-flops

The Kurram blast

Need to ramp up anti-terrorist operations Two days after the army recovered an American-Canadian family from the kidnappers when they crossed into Kurram from Afghanistan, four FC personnel, including a captain, were


October memories

Problem with learning lessons     Coup anniversaries naturally raise poignant memories. For the duration of the so-called decade of democracy – the ‘90s – everybody talked about the damage of Zia’s

Economy and security

Whose business is it?   Rather than the back-and-forth regarding whose business it is to talk about the economy, etc, both civil and military leaders are better advised to accept that sustainable

Afghanistan again

 Nothing’s changed, really     Not much has really changed, or is going to change, in Afghanistan with Donald Trump’s new Afghan plan, despite the apparent glee in Kabul. The US has

Resumption of Pak-US dialogue

Need to disabuse Trump administration of its false notions   After nearly eight weeks of estrangement and distrust there are signs of marginal improvement in Pak-US relations. PM Abbasi’s meeting with VP

Surreal trial

Delaying justice by gimmickry   To the layman the disqualified former Prime Minister and his family were provided ample opportunity and sufficient leeway, even a misplaced leniency according to some critics, to

Of guns and butter

And a viable balance   Despite a rebuttal by a finance ministry spokesman of the World Bank’s estimate of Pakistan’s financing needs, there should be no doubt that Pakistan’s economy suffers from