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Depoliticising bureaucracy

Can Imran Khan start the exercise from Punjab? One would readily agree with Imran Khan that the confidence of the civil servants has been badly shattered and the country needs a de-politicized

Unjustified detentions

History may repeat itself Following the death of PTM’s senior member Arman Loni under mysterious circumstances at a sit-in in Loralai protests against the alleged murder are being restricted as PTM members

Promises and ground realities

 PTI’s dilemma By the time the 2018 elections arrived it was clear to anyone who could access that the country’s forex reserves were fast shrinking  to below the danger point. Intelligent

Harley Street or nothing?

Nawaz Sharif’s risky choice The former prime minister has decided, or perhaps the decision was made for him by an influential family member, of going back from Services Hospital to the Lahore

The curious ways of NAB

And the concerns they generate The way NAB arrested Aleem Khan has once again led people to ask  if the accountability  body is balancing its enquiries to neutralise the pressure from political

NFC Award

Curtain raiser Now that Finance Minister Asad Omar has raised the curtain on the 9th NFC award, it will soon become apparent whether or not the present government can give out-of-the-box solutions

A landmark judgement

And the feathers it’s bound to  ruffle The verdict on  Faizabad sit-in brings  a breath of fresh air. It reiterates the  general principles that the state,  government , various agencies and  institutions

Afghan endgame

Anytime soon? A new trend is clearly emerging in the Afghan endgame, if it can be called that just yet. Not only are the Taliban gaining more ground, they are also successfully

Expanding the healthcare umbrella

PTI’s version of welfare national health service Among the social indicators of a country’s human resource development, health and education facilities available to the masses occupy prominent positions. Unfortunately these benchmark gauges

Kashmir Day with a difference

Sleepless nights expected in Delhi this February 5 The just struggle of the Kashmiri people in Indian-held portion of the region for holding a UN plebiscite on self-determination, nothing less, and freedom

Direction of the economy

Bracing for high inflation? Surely some sort of thought would have gone into inflating gas prices, without due notification, for domestic consumers. And till a thorough explanation reaches the people, they will

Opposition vs government

Courting the media The Peoples Party usually has its line pretty straight about democratic governments completing their terms. And that was precisely its position about the present PTI dispensation. However irrelevant it

TLP on its last legs

Dismantled like the rest After a last ditch effort by religious zealots to steal Aasia Bibi’s hard-fought freedom the Supreme Court upheld its acquittal decision and she can now finally get on