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Population growth and poverty

The two are closely inter-linked Pakistan’s exploding population, like its sharply declining water resources, are red flags that can turn into existential threats in the future, but the approach of successive governments,

Wild goose chase?

Slim chances of forming meaningful anti-PTI platform JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman is a man on a mission nowadays, his obsession being an All Parties Conference. Since he lost his ‘safe’ constituency seat

Who’s politicising what?

Games politicians play So former president Asif Zardari now smells a plot to roll back the 18th amendment; his ‘party’s gift to the nation’. That has happened, incidentally, just as talk of corruption

Asad Umar’s unhappiness

 FATF concerns Perhaps if the finance minister could have been unhappy with ‘various stakeholders’’ casual response to FATF queries earlier we would not be staring down the barrel at this point. It

Foreign appointments

Merit based The government’s decision to replace political appointees with career diplomats in foreign missions is welcome, and sets the tone for similar cleansing in other departments. Past governments routinely stuffed government

More hype, little substance

Politicising a legal issue That numerous Pakistanis have bought properties in various countries, particularly in UAE and Britain, is widely known. Those involved include investors, well-to-do businessmen, retired generals like Musharraf and

Education and extremism

Intolerance threatens leading teaching institutions The venerable hundred years plus Punjab University may be the oldest seat of learning in Pakistan, but nowadays it’s Lahore campus hardly appears the safest or most

In the role of a mediator

Imran Khan’s leap of faith Those who launched an impetuous offensive in Yemen had under-estimated the resilience of the Houthis. Instead of returning victorious in weeks or months as they had hoped,

Raised power rates

Unavoidable? It was only so long that the government could continue delay raising power rates. That the announced it one day after the ‘Saudi bailout’ sweetner just shows that they wanted to

NAB’s ‘double standards’?

SC takes notice NAB’s (National Accountability Bureau) inconsistency has become so apparent that even the honourable Supreme Court has had to take notice, which says a lot. Charges that have traditionally been

A commendable decision

Imran Khan has to stay the course now It was courageous on the part of Imran Khan to order an unprecedented countywide crackdown on electricity theft. One would agree with the prime

A House divided

Punjab Assembly sessions within, protests outside The major political parties are at their reckless, unprofitable game again, threatening and bad-mouthing each other, warning of street agitation, hinting at no-confidence motions, with government

The signal from Zardari

Are PTI and PML-N getting closer? It is becoming abundantly clear  that the PTI had done  little homework  before forming the government. The party therefore failed to hit the ground running that