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Rising terrorism

Time to call in favors A number of recent terror attacks in North and South Waziristan and Balochistan should be a cause for concern for the government and the armed forces. Security

‘Inconvenient’ persons disappearing The disappearance of Securities and Exchanges Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Additional Joint Director Sajid Gondal is a mystery, especially since his wife, who filed a habeas corpus petition before

Dengue coming back?

Suspected cases on the rise The country has barely got a grip on the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, most experts would say that it has not really got a grip, because while

Fixing Karachi

Papering over the cracks Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Karachi to announce the federal government’s Transformation Plan amidst inauspicious atmospherics. The Sindh government maintained that it was not consulted about the Plan.

The ‘same page’ mantra

Space shrinks, eventually leaving room only for one entity Pakistan has evolved as a democracy to the extent that there have been two consecutive peaceful transfers of power from one civilian government

Towards an opposition alliance?

Despite mutual rivalries, à la MRD Claiming that it enjoys full support of the establishment, the PTI government wants the opposition, particularly the PML(N) and the PPP, to support its policies and

Press freedom

Time to stop making press scrutiny an excuse for non-performance Pressman have taken cold comfort from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s saying that he had spent 20 years of his life in England

PTI government and polio

A story of failure The PTI had come to power without any preparation for the arduous job of running a country with a population of over 213 million and scores of serious

Moving on human rights

Rule of law is a pre-requisite The decision to release all women prisoners from jail sentenced to less than three years, or under trial for such an offence, and who remain in

Tour of England

Problems of the national team still unaddressed Pakistan ended a losing tour on a winning note, with the sole win of six international encounters with England coming up short in the final

Rising Islamophobia

Irrational hostility and hatred towards Muslims Events of this past one week offer a glimpse into the rising trend of Islamophobia across the world. In New Zealand, Brenton Tarrant, a White Supremacist

Polio on the rise

Pakistan unlikely to eradicate the virus any time soon Now that Nigeria, the last country in Africa afflicted with the crippling poliovirus has successfully eradicated it, the continent has finally been declared

Cooperation during rains havoc

Wanted: An altogether different approach from PTI In just two days of record-breaking torrential rainfall, virtually the entire Karachi was under water with electricity unavailable, ATMs out of cash, fuel pumps dry,

Upping the ante on censorship

PTA’s broad definition of objectionable content is ridiculous A discernibly aggressive form of self-censorship has become a key characteristic of Pakistan’s supposedly ‘free media’ of late. There are no-go areas that have