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Pak-US relations

Still finding direction? How must Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi be feeling after US Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats’ presentation, before the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, about militant safe

Measuring Pakistan’s progress

Corruption and democracy There is a feel-good factor to Pakistan’s one point rise in Transparency International Index’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from last year, even though the overall ranking has stayed the

Trojan Horse gimmick

PML-N moves NA for South Punjab, Bahawalpur provinces In a realpolitik move obviously intended to drive the ruling party into an embarrassing political cul-de-sac, PML-N bigwigs submitted the Constitutional (Amendment) Act 2019

The Sarfaraz incident

Precisely the problem! Everybody knows that Sarfaraz did not know he was crossing the line, so to speak, when he called Andile Phehlukwayo what he did in Durban, but isn’t that precisely

End of Afghan war

Still a pipedream? The Afghan and Pakistani governments must really be holding a trump card up their sleeve otherwise they wouldn’t have put such a positive spin on the longest US-Taliban meeting

Sahiwal fallout

Not even decency? It was perhaps too much to expect a professional handling of the unfortunate Sahiwal incident by the PTI government, considering its track record across so many areas, but it


Media must unite to protect itself Despite severe criticism from all stakeholders over the formation of a one window media regulation operation the PMRA has been given the green signal by cabinet.

Making Karachi graceful again

Sindh government faces gruelling task The two member Supreme Court bench hearing the case of Karachi’s illegal constructions on January 22 ordered relevant provincial authorities to demolish all unlawful buildings that have

Pak-China strain

Protect the alliance Chinese government officials are usually very conservative about their communications, even by diplomatic standards. That is why concerns raised by their ambassador in Pakistan, Yao Jing, about ‘propaganda being

About the budget

Very populist, indeed! Considering this was Asad Omer’s second budget in a few months, he could have reminded everybody a little less about the last government’s economic track record, and the opposition