WhiteLies: Run an ulti ginti

Run an ulti ginti on your front pages, the federal government’s information apparatus has requested the newspapers, on the deadline given to “illegal” Afghan refugees residing in the country. “20 days left..”

Expect to read and see some sad stories of deportation  about individuals who haven’t seen Afghanistan even once, a fact that the cheerleading caretaker information minister himself tweeted out some years ago, back when he didn’t have to listen to HMV.

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Ironically, a deadline needs to start on the  caretaker administration itself, which can’t stay on longer than the constitution allows. Kick them out before the Afghan refugees, we say. At least the latter have some use in society.


Speaking of the caretaker setup, it was amusing to see the Punjab chief minister inaugurating, plaque and all, a……….road made of plastic.

The road is a good initiative, one supposes, and Islamabad already has one. But the CM, knowing the ephemeral nature of his job, might want to put up a plaque everywhere.

“Brunch, had by the CM at 11:00 at this establishment, on 1st November.”

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