White Lies: Dollar’s set to come down

The dollar’s going to come down to 260 rupees, says a proud commerce and industries minister.

The irony: the minister, who happens to head the country’s most powerful exporters’ lobby (APTMA), just outlined a scenario that the exporters would really (really) hate: a decrease in the value of the dollar vis a vis the rupee.

But the aforementioned lobby itself isn’t angry at him for being a traitor or anything. Keen and wily like their chief, they know where the pressure to force down the dollar is coming from. They’re singing praise in a choir, regardless of what it would mean to their bottom line.


The caretaker Punjab administration has it in for stage dancers of the Punjab. Vulgarity and what have you.

Well, they just eased up on their puritanical directives. Those lewd dances allowed now, but only for male performers.

Umm….who will tell them?

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