Inconvenient democracy

Disaster risk management policies in Pakistan   It is a universally held belief that climate change affects the economic development in various ways, it particularly influences the agrarian economies which are subject


Whither electoral reforms?

Leisurely, if any, movement The institutions that have to play a vital role in the running of the system in Pakistan singularly lack dynamism. So whenever one of them shows revival of

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Killers on the loose

Regardless of the blunt denial by Dar-ul-Uloom, Karachi, on the issuance of any fatwa (edict) against Dr Shakeel Auj declaring him a blasphemer and infidel, even a fake fatwa was good enough


CNG blast

4 killed, 7 injured in Peshawar CNG blast

At least four people were killed and seven injured when a CNG cylinedr fitted in a passenger van exploded in Peshawar’s Badhber area on Thursday. The injured have been moved to the


Modi broom

Modi wields broom in new ‘Clean India’ push

Hours after flying home from Washington, the energetic premier rolled up his sleeves and picked up a brush to launch a ‘Clean India’ campaign on a public holiday which celebrates independence icon Mahatma Gandhi’s life



PIA acquires two Boeing aircraft on wet lease

Both aircraft have been acquired through Turkish Airlines and the agreement entails use of aircraft as well as provision of pilots and cabin crew, along with maintenance and insurance facilities Two aircraft




DUHS VC restrained from taking any major decision

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday restrained the vice chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) from taking any major decision regarding the varsity’s affairs. Headed by Justice Hasan Azhar

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