India’s blemish

Army’s role in Kashmir   Two boys have been killed in Kashmir. The incident itself is bizarre. A white-coloured car is mistaken for a similar one which used to scurry the terrorists


Don’t underrate ISIS

They can put together a formidable force While a complacent Ch Nisar thinks there is no need in Pakistan to worry about the ISIS, governments which care more for their citizens are

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Pakistan’s natural resources

It is a known fact that Pakistan is one of the richest countries of the world in terms of natural resources. It has been endowed with gigantic reserves of coal, gas, gemstones,



Govt, PTI trade barbs over big show on 30th

Information minister accuses PTI chief of misusing public money for political campaign, says Khan using plane of public limited company to spread ‘anarchy’ in country PTI secy general refutes Rashid’s claims, says



Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists

Shia and Sunni clerics from about 80 countries gathered in Iran’s holy city of Qom on Sunday to develop a strategy to combat extremists, including the Islamic State group that has captured




Rangers kill two Lyari ‘gangsters’

Two alleged gangsters were killed in an exchange of fire with Rangers in Lyari on Saturday, said a Rangers spokesman on Saturday. He said the shootout took place near Kashti Chowk in

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