Jingoism and selective outrage

Umer Ali

A right-wing witch hunt   Every event of tension between Indo-Pak ties brings about a storm of allegations, counter allegations and heightened sentiments of patriotism, which, if they remain unchecked, result in


For better disaster management

Understanding climate change As a result of global climate change, weather patterns are taking an unusual turn in Pakistan. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) had already predicted 10-20pc above normal rainfall during the

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Rs 15m scam surfaces in Rawalpindi roads project

A financial scam of over Rs 15 million has surfaced in development projects launched under Khadim Punjab Rural Roads Program (KPRRP) in district Rawalpindi. A two-member team headed by account officers Nasir

anti-polio efforts

6-day anti-polio drive concludes today

The six-day anti-polio drive in Karachi will conclude today (Saturday). An official of the local administration said on Friday that total 8,65,000 children under the age of five would be administered polio

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