Lahore flourishes with seasonal blooms before Eid

LAHORE: As the festival of Eidul Fitr approached, a variety of seasonal blooms planted by the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) across Lahore have matured, lending a distinctive colourful tone to the city of gardens.

According to a spokesperson, flowers such as petunias, azaleas, and cyclamens, planted by PHA gardeners, have reached full bloom, adding a rich aesthetic sense to the provincial metropolis.

“Prolific in spring and early summer, these flowers also exhibit excellent tolerance to heat and humidity,” he added.

Planted with an eye on the upcoming festival of Eidul Fitr, these blooms came of age just as members of the public geared up to observe the religious event following the holy month of Ramazan.

“In summer, these flowers make way for gladiolas, dahlias, carnations, and asters. In other words, visitors can enjoy the serene view throughout the year,” the spokesperson said.

“PHA aims to transform Lahore into the Amsterdam of Pakistan,” he added, referring to the capital of the Netherlands, which boasts never-ending fields of aesthetically beautiful flowers.

“Walking through the streets of Lahore these days is a delight to the senses, as you will be entertained by the wide array of colors and perfumes that the flowers offer.”

Separately, the PHA has also decorated the main thoroughfares of Lahore, including Jail Road and Canal, with colorful light structures twinkling like stars on the ground. Ring- and crescent-shaped light installations positioned along these roads offer a stunning spectacle at night.

Meanwhile, a spring floral exhibition, organised by PHA at Racecourse Park, is in full swing. Touted as the city’s premier outdoor garden show, it showcases a diverse range of colorful blooms.

The star attractions were the meticulously crafted topiaries of animals such as peacocks and giraffes, cultivated by PHA horticulturists.


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