Hina Dilpazeer’s contract restricts her from reprising iconic ‘Momo’ character anywhere else

During a recent appearance on a Ramadan transmission, Hina Dilpazeer, the celebrated Pakistani actress renowned for her portrayal of Mumtaz, affectionately known as Momo, in the popular sitcom Bulbulay, revealed an unexpected contractual limitation tied to her iconic character.

Dilpazeer disclosed that she is contractually bound against reprising her beloved role as Momo elsewhere, be it in on-screen endeavors or off-screen engagements like events or award ceremonies.

Momo’s character in Bulbulay is an endearing yet forgetful elderly woman who frequently muddles names, including those of her family members and common household items. Her charming mix-ups and mispronunciations have captivated audiences, with her trademark “oof” followed by a facepalm becoming a symbolic reaction on the show.

Addressing her situation, Dilpazeer explained, “I am bound by this agreement that prohibits me from portraying this character (Momo) anywhere else. Although I did feature in a commercial where I sought permission to play Momo, and they granted it, but it was strictly for that commercial.”

Apart from Dilpazeer, the regular cast of Bulbulay includes Nabeel, Ayesha Omar, and Mehmood Aslam. Premiering in 2009, the sitcom has solidified its status as a triumphant small-screen offering, holding the distinction of being the longest-running television series in Pakistan.

Momo’s character has garnered a dedicated following over the years, emerging as one of Pakistani television’s most cherished and recognizable figures. Her comedic timing and antics have endeared her to audiences of all ages, making Dilpazeer’s portrayal an integral component of Bulbulay’s success.

Reflecting on the show’s widespread appeal in a 2021 interview, the actor remarked, “This show solidified our identities on TV. Many people identify us by our characters rather than our real names, underscoring the show’s significant and enduring relevance to our audience.”

Discussing Momo’s enduring appeal, Dilpazeer credited writer Ali Rehman for crafting a brilliant character sketch while also acknowledging her comedic chemistry with Nabeel. Given their prior on-screen collaborations, she reminisced, “There were many instances where we had to do multiple takes, much to the irritation of Khoobsurat (Ayesha Omar), because Nabeel, Mehmood, and I would often burst into laughter at each other’s gestures and cues.”


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