SOPs violation

This letter refers to the outbreak of COVID-19 in which most countries are facing the initial crisis that is continued to weaken the country’s economy. In Pakistan the pandemic is just considered a rumour and unpredicted according to the citizens notion. On the other hand there is SOPs violation. Inorder to the curb the further spread of coronavirus, traders have been doing extravagance.

Recently in Quetta 156 shops were sealed and 64 people have been also arrested because of not following SOPs. The traders have been warned about not being violated since the violation will result in closure of entire market . There are great number of administrative issues over the implementation of SOPs as the provinces eased it’s lockdown.

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Secondly the safety guidelines are as well denied by traders and public. They are visible in overcrowded shops. Neither wearing masks nor following the laws of lockdown. In this regard lockdown has no aims in Pakistan where social distancing have been a very difficult task for the public. I implore the government of Pakistan to be actively of taking strict action against people who are against law.



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