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Pakistan’s battle

The world is in the midst of the worst pandemic covid-19 which is commonly known as Coronavirus. This virus spreads in 176 countries and 225,000 cases have been reported around the including

Child marriages

Child marriages have been one of the serious issues, especially in developing countries. Pakistan also facing this problem, children under eighteen are forcefully contract into marriage by their family elders in rural

Water supply issue?

I write to you to express my concern and worries about the water supply issue and I believe that you will help me in waking up the sleeping officers of Municipal corporation

Corona’s ferocity

COVID-19 is one of the curses. The skirmish of the virus is disseminating exponentially day by day. Nowadays, it is the most vulnerable subject that people are discussing repeatedly. The scorching virus

Deadly blessing?

The coronavirus pandemic gives credence to Thomas Malthus. (Thomas Robert Malthus wrote a paper in 1798 titled Principle of Population . He believed that natural forces would correct the imbalance between food

Remembering Zulfi Bhutto

Apropos to 41st death Anniversary of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto, 4 April 1979 when Quad-E- Awam,s Life was decisively and irrevocably snuffed out of Him. He was the leader who introduced the common

Defying lockdown

Turbat has been experiencing a lockdown from 22 March till 6 April at the behest of deputy commissioner of Kech after the joint meeting of association of merchants of the city in

History repeated

The corona virus has reached almost 199 countries of the world and it is considered the most dangerous virus of twenty first century. Similarly, the Spanish Flu of 1918 was most dangerous

Karachi lockdown

Presently, Coronavirus is knocking at our door and we have confirmed Corona patients in Karachi. So the government has decided to shutdown the whole city post midnight on Sunday which is the

Highly irresponsible

Highly irresponsible, deplorable and condemnable attitude of the people, by and large, towards adopting preventive measures against CoronaVirus is forcing the federal and provincial government to take extraordinary steps of partial or