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Heavy rains 

According to news there are signs of heavy rain in various regions of sindh with presages of urbun flooding. Rain has already started to drizzle in karachi with strong wind and crakes

Grievances of students 

Meanwhile all educational institutes have been closed since March in all over Pakistan, yet all other people  have been living a common life in every subject of field since then.Markets, playgrounds, transport,

Freedom of religion

Freedom of religion is a fundamental right. Pakistani Constitution has guaranteed freedom of religion but non of us really respect that. I often wonder what is the point of white portion in

Inadequate facilities 

It is upsetting to see while many countries day by day progressing and flourishing in areas of science technology, education, health and law enforcement however still our country lacks the enthusiasm to

Curse of VIP culture

WE must be aware of the phrase “VIP culture” that entertains the economically blessed people of Pakistan. Under this phrase every special person who holds any particular position is treated as important.

Next generation

 In psychology,  It is said that “We are the product of what we see and imitate in our daily life.” when this quote came across my eyes,  held me thinking and wondering

Monsoon season

 Meteorologists of Pakistan  have predict  heavy rains for next few days, especially in Sindh from 7 july to 10 july have probability of monsoon and heavy rainfall. In karachi, it has rained

US election 

Respected Sir, Every presidential election has its unique circumstances but this one is more extraordinary than most, not least in that it is taking place while the world struggles with a pandemic

Effective parenting 

We usually observe that a child becomes monitor of his class, He is brilliant at his academic work, He participates in Debate competition that takes place in his school and actively participates

Religion and corona

Islam is religion of peace and humanity which teaches us each and every manner and SOPs of world, From the very beginning of corona there has been a fight between religion and

Eid ahead 

Eid-ul-adha; an event of fun and joy, mostly famous for its ritual of buying sacrificial animal has now become a challenge for the government. Well the most important part of this event

Tragic train collision

The responsibility of the dire mishap that took place as a result of the fateful collision between the train and the bus carrying Sikh pilgrims lies with the Pakistan railways. If we

Symbolic act

It has been practice of court when a judge awarded a death penalty to someone he is used to break nib of pen to express his/her compulsions, numerous people do not know

Illegal annexation 

Middle east peace plan process initiated by US president Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has been exposed for what it is a colonisation operation. Despite backlash of international law, Netanyahu