Easing the lockdown

After the outbreak of covid 19, pakistan is facing terrible ecnomic crises. Not only pakistan developed countries are facing this problem too. Due to which the decision of easing in lockdown is made.consensuse, the govt of pakistan has eased in lockdown. Which include reopning of malls, beautypalors, barbear and industries. But inforced of lockdown can result a tough time for health authorities.

As they were warning people not to go outside to save your and their lives. But we can see the rush in markest and other places where people are standing nearby each other without precutive gears. Even in this pendamic children have been wittnessed with elders while shopping without masks. Almost noone is following SOPs, this carelessness of citizens can bring hardships for health authorities. With the risisng cases of covid 19 the tally has reached 40,151 and 873 deaths. However, within less time the cases can rise up more higher. This easing in lockdown can risk many lives of shopkeepper and laubors.

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Mahnoor Siraj


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