WATCH: Maryam Nawaz laughs at logic behind LHC decision to halt e-bike scheme

Against the backdrop of a Lahore High Court (LHC) decision related to a student bike initiative, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz on Monday requested the court to refrain from intervening in governmental operations.

Following the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) decision concerning the student bike scheme, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz on Monday implored the court to avoid meddling in executive matters.

Discontent with the court’s decision, the CM stated, “We launched the bike scheme for students, which the LHC judge halted.”

Referring to the judge’s commentary during the proceedings, she humorously noted, “I couldn’t help but laugh at the decision.”

“It was stated that distributing bikes to students would cause them to congregate around girls’ schools.”

Following a ruling last week by the LHC that prohibited the distribution of electric and petrol motorcycles to students and recommended the adoption of electric buses, she voiced her concerns.

Speaking at a ceremony at the Government Polytechnic College for Girls, the Chief Minister remarked, “People are watching if you meddle in the executive’s business.”

Despite the court’s ruling, the provincial government proceeded with an e-ballot to distribute motorcycles to students on interest-free and soft terms as part of the Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative at the CM’s office on Saturday.

In response to the judge’s comments, CM Maryam noted, “Those intent on loitering around girls’ schools already have their own bikes.”

The judgment also mentioned potential wheelies on e-bikes.

Mockingly addressing the judge, she added, “One should have some understanding; wheelies can’t be performed on e-bikes.”

CM Maryam appealed for a revision of the court’s stance on e-bikes.

Amidst ongoing tensions, she criticized PTI following the events of May 9, stating that the PML-N has never armed children with batons or petrol bombs.

Following the arrest of PTI founder Imran Khan last year, disturbances erupted across several regions, notably in Rawalpindi, where mobs damaged both private and governmental properties, including military facilities.

It is important to note that LHC Judge Justice Shahid Karim dismissed the government’s e-bike policy last week. The court ruled that no bikes should be distributed pending the development of a new strategy and demanded details from the government on the allocation of the bikes.

Justice Karim expressed concerns that e-bikes could lead to risky behavior like wheelies, suggesting that boys might loiter around girls’ colleges with such vehicles.

He proposed that electronic buses be provided to colleges instead, noting this as a safer, more environmentally friendly transport solution for students.


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