Man makes paratha with petrol and diesel, video goes viral

Parathas hold a significant place in South Asian cuisine, often enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, and even dinner due to their versatility and delightful taste.

While traditionally prepared with ghee or butter, there are unique variations emerging, as witnessed in a Chandigarh dhaba.

In a captivating video shared by @nebula_world, a cook named Bablu showcases the unconventional method of crafting petrol, diesel parathas. With expertise, he skillfully rolls out the dough, fills it with a savory potato mixture, and then cooks it on a pan. What sets this preparation apart is Bablu’s unconventional addition of copious amounts of oil, humorously referred to as “diesel,” lending an unexpected twist to this culinary delight.

This post was shared on May 12. Since being posted, it has gained more than four lakh likes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share also has over 1,100 likes and numerous comments.

An individual wrote, “He will be buying ferrari soon & his customer will be selling their house & cars soon to fund the treatment of cancer.”

A second said, “Aren’t there any kind of Food Safety Regulations for street foods in India?”

A third added, “I don’t think it’s diesel or petrol, but whatever it is, it’s definitely not fit for human consumption.”

“People may not be aware, but some companies collect the oil spent from restaurants to repurpose it as lubes and fuel. Higher the tan, the higher the carbon content,” commented a fourth.

“Stop eating outside. If you can’t resist, then only go to some good quality restaurants,” shared a fifth.


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