Trading barbs

Our politicians must understand that tide and time never spare anyone. They should mend themselves than constantly exchanging barbs. Our politicians must sit together for the sake of the country to carve out a plan for getting us out of the economic quagmire.

It appears that the only constant in our country is our blind borrowing, crushing inflation, and rising income gap. We are at a point where God forbid an end like that of Siri Lanka is not too far if we don’t take some drastic actions. Every party that assumes charge blames predecessors for the problems and claims that they will fix the issue. However, we have been going in circles for more than seventy years where only the party being blamed changes, and problems continue.

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A few months back, PTI leadership used to claim that PDM parties destroyed the country, and they were taking steps to fix it. People were dying under increasing inflation and PTI and PDM were busy name-calling. Now, after PDM has formed the government, they are telling us that our economy is in shambles because of PTI. Bottom line is that poor economic conditions and ever-increasing inflation are there, but the blame has now shifted to PTI.

I wish and pray that Allah gives our politicians wisdom to rise above themselves and think about the country. They need to work hard to come up with solid long-term plans that steer the country out of the horrible debt tarp. Otherwise, I am afraid we will face the inevitable and will still be trying to fix the blame. God’s mill grinds slowly but surely, and we are up against time in terms of survival. May Allah give wisdom to our ruling elite.



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