International youth day

Sir: Youth play the most effective role in strengthening any country. It is to them that a nation builds up or demount. Looking forward to this advantage, Pakistan is one of those few countries that have the Largest young population in the world. Meanwhile, 64% of Pakistan’s population is below the age of 30.Though Pakistan can reach its peak through the power of such youngsters, we are not even able to at least educate or employ half of them. And so on, there are infinite skills hidden in our youth that go unrecognized. Perhaps, Tokyo Olympics 2020 is a clear indication to this. Disappointingly, just like Muhammad Talib stated, “Countries with small population are bagging medals while Pakistan lags”. Clearly, we are missing it somewhere tk enhance our youth or work for their development.

Hence, International Youth Day is observed every year on 12th August. This day is celebrated globally to shift focus towards the enhancement and protection of youth in the society.

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In conclusion, I call the government of Pakistan to work for the betterment of its youth and let them be the economical, educational and emotional strength of our country. Moreover, I admire our youth and the proud Olympians of Pakistan (Talha Talib and Arshad Naseem) for letting our heads up.

Maria Naseem 


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