The ratio of jobs versus the graduates who are annually completing their particular degrees, are not maintaining an equilibrium function in the country for the candidate’s relief. In Pakistan, there is a great deficiency of jobs. In our country two things are extra-ordinarily found common; first “Unemployment” and second “disappointment”.

But the matter of the fact is that that majority of people do not amplement self-help processes (اپنی مدد آپ) for fulfillment of their expenses.

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Thus, according to the statistics from 2008 to 2020, the ratio of unemployment is increasing with the increase of fresh graduates every year. Analysis shows that in upcoming years the Unemployment ratio will directly increase.

Hence, the government may announce a maximum number of jobs so that the ratio of graduates may be satisfied to the ratio of jobs given. And the government may also form such a national organization which would enlighten the people with new ideas of self-help. For the purpose to start mini- businesses and small investments. Such techniques of self-help would really give relief to a one-third of country’s unemployment, rather more.

Habib Ullah Aman 


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