Class divisions 

Sir, I want to drew the attention of the people towards the class differences in Pakistan through your newspaper by writing this column. In Pakistan there is a trend that the poor people are considered a slur for the society and they are given less prestige. The people who have money are considered the best human beings and are allowed to do anything might it be right or wrong. They are meant to be the superior class of the society. They are given much more respect, love and freedom of thought and actions.

While on the other hand, the poor are meant to be the inferior part of the society. They are considered only the servants of rich people. They are not given the rights like upper class. They have to obey them. According to our religion, everyone is equal and there is on one superior over the other except God.  But, unfortunately in Pakistan the one who is poor is bad and the one who has money is considered the best. The elite class see poor as they are some other creatures. But they do not know that they feel happy in who they are and are always thankful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY for HIS blessings.

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