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Rabia Ahmed

Sectarian egos in the region

And Pakistan’s priorities   The unrest turned sectarian in 2004 when the Shia led Houthis staged an uprising against the Sunni government. They’re trying to take over the government, said the government;

Rabia Ahmed

R.I.P Dina Wadia

To her father Pakistan would be unrecognisable today Dina Wadia who looked remarkably like her father, died on the 2nd of November this year at the age of ninety-eight. She lived in

Rabia Ahmed

Incitement to violence

  “…statements ‘distancing themselves’ from Captain Safdar’s views came several days too late for decency, and much too late for  a family belonging to the Ahmadi faith that was shot to death

Rabia Ahmed

Keeping the narrative alive

  Last year, the first ever official report on multidimensional poverty in Pakistan was released. It was compiled with technical support from the UNDP and the University of Oxford. According to this

Rabia Ahmed


Like the Uroboros, again and again we return to point A     It is only after you have effectively dealt with the past that you can move on to a meaningful

Rabia Ahmed

Hoist by their own petard

This country often seems close to a destruction brought about by its own people.     PTI women’s wing’s challenge shows how little justice is understood, how seldom people think, how unable