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Rabia Ahmed

Keeping the narrative alive

  Last year, the first ever official report on multidimensional poverty in Pakistan was released. It was compiled with technical support from the UNDP and the University of Oxford. According to this

Rabia Ahmed


Like the Uroboros, again and again we return to point A     It is only after you have effectively dealt with the past that you can move on to a meaningful

Rabia Ahmed

Hoist by their own petard

This country often seems close to a destruction brought about by its own people.     PTI women’s wing’s challenge shows how little justice is understood, how seldom people think, how unable

Rabia Ahmed

Accountability for all

The people of Pakistan need a better perspective on world events The press and the people of Pakistan, and the US have, each separately, been following the sordid woes of the ruling

Rabia Ahmed

Calling a spade a spade

Sometimes it really is black and white One gets used to hypocrisy being a sizeable factor in politics, but sometimes things get nauseating.  Obviously, this refers to Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi