‘Efficient’ NADRA

Bureaucracy, they say, is the art of making the possible impossible. My recent experience with the online application system of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) more than ratified the maxim.
It was anything but user-friendly, even though the organisation claims otherwise. What boggled my mind more than anything else is the requirement to pay the fee before the completion of the application to have one’s CNIC modified. The funny part is that once you have paid the fee, only then begins the cumbersome part of the application, which included finger scanning through the not-so-user-friendly app. Even if you are successful in scanning your fingers, they ask you to have your selfie uploaded as per the specifications. I am not sure why they expect applicants to be proficient photographers. In my case, things went from bad to worse, and the app blocked my account during the application process for reasons only known to NADRA. Now I cannot even log in even after having paid the fee in US dollars. This is anything but user-friendly and good service.
Even if my account was blocked, I should have been informed about the reason. Indeed, I should have been informed about how to get it unblocked. I hope NADRA will improve its system and will not make applicants take it as a rip-off entity.

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