Overbilling by KE

The practice of overbilling seems to be rampant at K-Electric (KE). Recently, I received my electricity bill for the month of April, and was shocked to find that I had been charged at a rate meant for those consuming 300 units of electricity, although, as per the bill itself, I had consumed only 209 units. According to the billing criteria, the initial 100 units should be charged at a specific rate, and then the next 100 units should be charged at a different rate. Any usage above 200 units should be charged at an even higher rate. However, KE has charged all the 209 units as per the 300-unit tariff, which is completely unfair and unjustified.
I contacted KE’s customer service multiple times, but the officials there have not been able to provide a satisfactory explanation for this overbilling. It is clear that they have charged me more than what I should have been charged, and this practice is likely happening to other customers as well. The overbilling practice of KE needs to be addressed urgently, and its customers should not suffer because of the current unfair practices of the utility service.

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