Unfounded complaints against Bank of Punjab and its staff 

Lately unsubstantiated complaints against BOP and its staff have been circulating on social media alleging contributions/donations to Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund) are being discouraged.

The total number of such complaints received from social media, BOP’s contact Center and Complaints’ email address are merely 14 hitherto. All complaints have been investigated and all of them have been found to be without merit or based on misunderstanding or lack of understanding on the part of customers.

BOP has been at the forefront of CM Punjab flood relief collections and has opened the maximum number of channels for customers including branches, ATMs, Mobile App & Internet Banking, local and international credit cards, foreign inward remittances through banking channels, exchange companies and Roshan Samaaji Khidmat (RDA).

BOP has also been the only Bank that has extensively advertised flood relief donations into CM Flood Relief Fund account through TVCs, social media, and reaching its own customers through SMS messages on a daily basis since the launch.

As a result, more than 50,000 donations amounting to more than Rs. 1Bn have landed in the CM Flood Relief Fund) account maintained by the Bank; and another over Rs. 700 million is in the pipeline through the local and international credit card collections.

All this has been done in a short span of time, overcoming teething issues like IT development & staff training, etc. Some problems, that were encountered at the start have been identified and resolved, and BOP branch staff is properly trained and is vigilant in serving customers walking into our branches to make donations into flood relief accounts of their own choice.

The message for providing priority, seamless services for the collections of flood relief funds to the staff at the branches have been reiterated time and again from the highest levels in the organization and will be ensured going forth as well given the nature of this national calamity in which the entire staff of BOP is grieved and ready to deliver going an extra mile in their of duty.

The general public is requested not to give heed to rumor-mongering, and in case there’re any genuine complaints, kindly have them immediately logged in through our 24/7 Contact Center and BOP Complaints Email, details of which are given below:

BOP Help Line: 042 111-267-200

BOP Complaints Email Address: [email protected]

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