Why only women?

It is a common fact that women are being demotivated and abused by every individual everywhere and especially in Pakistan. Pakistan is such a worst country where women are being abused and killed openly as they are deprived of many rights; they are not allowed to choose their careers and lifestyles according to their wishes. In fact, they are forced to marry in very early ages, they are forced to born babies, they are forced to not read, they are forced to suicide, they are forced to be silent, they are forced to bear all the situations silently and especially they are forced to kill their dreams and wishes. Nevertheless, they are the victims of violence and they are not safe anywhere as nowadays they are also not safe in their houses, work places, educational institutions, etc.

Thus, we women really want justice and need our rights and we want to be treated well by individuals as men as we need your love, respect, support and help to go hide and achieve our goals.

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Rahat Murad Baksh


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