America and Taliban controversy

After 9/11 the Taliban and America controversy became the most serious issue in the world. When the American army took part in Afghanistan to fight and wanted to end the Taliban’s history. That time 28 centuries took part against the Taliban 19 years ago. American never considered that he has been weaker but in 2008 according to an estimation that America had lost 6 trillion on the wars.  Since 2014 till now Afghanistan has 45000 security, 35000 other countries and 300 American soldiers were killed by Taliban. On the other side, 70% areas are covered by the Taliban and 30% areas covered by the force of America. However, in 2020 the American President Dollar Trump decided to end the war. Where more than 50 countries had participated including Pakistan. In that agreement America decided to take out or withdraw his military from Afghanistan. In 14 months it is going to take out 8600 troops. While America will release up 5000 in exchange for 1,000 afghan security forces and the American army.

The Taliban will continue their own religion and America is not created for foreign policies. The Taliban will make their own government. America will remove all resistance which was not allowed. He is going to convince UNO to remove the berries from the Security Council. America will not utter political words on Taliban governance. This agreement was done on 29 February 2020 in Qatar by Mulla Ummer. Yet nothing happens but the political war continues.

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Mahtab Abdul Latif


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