Helping hands

“‘Your charity is not accepted until you believe,”
“I need the reward more than beggar need the money.”’
Usman ibn Affan(R.A)

After the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, hirelings are suffering from hard times. Many agencies and other social workers are helping them.
But many people are taking it as a way of getting fame, they are helping needy persons with selfies and making videos. Some of them are spreading their fake numbers on social media to make fun of a needy. One of my friends used that fake contact to get help but all in vain. Despite us praying to Allah for our forgiveness we are making fun of needy persons. I argue with all who are doing this kind of thing, please don’t play with someone’s needs because it is not a right way of helping. If you really want to help someone then please help in a way that they don’t feel shame and give lots of prayers to you, and please don’t be worried about your reward. Allah knows everything.

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Tuba Sheikh


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