State and religion

Religion has always been made a cats paw in Pakistan so as to unify the divided nation on religious lines . Very sorry to say , such policies have always been backfiring , be it Islamization of Zia or giving Kashmir issue a religious colour.

The more we make our nation religious the more irrational they become . Pakistan has been witnessing under-developed human resources . Major chunk of our population is emotionally and religiously charged . They can easily be mobilized against minorities and each other on sectarian rifts . Besides, fundamentally religious masses have been challenging the writ of the state by opposing decisions of the government.

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Recently , the clerics have announced not to act upon the decision of social distancing . They have rather announced to attend congregation every now and then . The government should take serious notice of the issue . It should also bring radical shifts in its policy paradigm so that religion should be confined to one’s personal interest rather than national interest.

Muhammad Shahram Bhutto


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  1. Islam is not a religion, Religions don’t come with Political and Economic systems with solutions for mankind.

    The problem in Pakistan is the inability of secularism to manage the affairs of society. If we were to look at the democratic process which is shunned by practising muslims of Pakistan how well is that doing? The bribe eater ignoring Allah, how well is your judicial system doing?

    You are embarassed of Islam because it embarasses you in front of your white colonial masters, yet your corruption doesn’t embarass you at all.

    For Pakistan to revive it must live according to its purpose of existence (Islam) and build a system around that (Khilafat) and it will dominate the globe inshallah. Secularism is built from a reaction to christianity and is exclusively a western experience, Islam never had the same problems.

    It was secularism that created the clergy class and the problems that naturally result from it.


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