Quarantine life

We have been facing and watching this problem for a long time.Due to coronavirus everyone self-quarantines at their homes. And due to quarantine people have been change their routine during these days. People sleep late night and wake up late morning which is also not good for our health. We should follow our old routine which was before this situation. Some people spend their time playing games like ludo stars etc. Which is very common nowadays. But I think we should spend this time by worshiping Allah.

Reciting Holy Quran and pray dua from Allah to forgive us .we should help poor and needy people in these days .for which Allah will reward us inshallah.i am university student I would suggest all these days are very beautiful worship Allah a lot spend more time in worshiping Allah. As we know Ramadan is also coming soon. Prepare yourself for Ramadan. Almost there would be 60% people is recite holy Quran the other is not have not reciting Holy Quran. I am talking about those who have thought holy Quran and are not reciting. I just wrote this letter in simple words so everyone should read this. It’s very Important to understand that we should spend this time by worshiping Allah nowadays. While sitting free. Kindly please we are Muslims our mission is to happy Allah by worshiping Allah. stay home stay safe but worship Allah and recite holy Quran It’s a student advice.

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