LDA holds ‘secret’ meeting for fear of disclosures

LDA holds ‘secret’ meeting for fear of disclosures

LAHORE – Being scared of any disclosure after CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif warning, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Saturday held an in-camera governing body meeting at a committee room of its head office in Johar Town.
Sources revealed that the meeting mulled over a number of decisions taken by former LDA DG Umer Rasool including 100 percent waiver for the second time in building period to Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust flouting its own decision issued in 2001 and mocking

Religious processions should be banned, says Sajid Mir

LAHORE – Religious processions during Muharram and Rabiul Awal cause sectarian tensions owing to which they should be banned, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Sajid Mir said on Friday during his Friday prayer sermon.
He said that processions have no ideological base in Islam and people, who participate in them, could be soft target for terrorists. Sajid said that in such hostile atmosphere, religious leaders should avoid using their workers to show their superiority

Alleged husband requests court to determine Meera’s virginity

LAHORE – A civil judge Imran Sheikh has fixed February 19 for the hearing of an application filed by the alleged husband of film actress Meera, requesting the court to constitute a medical board to determine if Meera is a virgin or not.
Attique-ur-Rehman, who claims to be Meera’s husband, filed this application during the hearing of a ‘jactitation of marriage suit’ filed by Meera. Earlier, during Meera’s cross-examination, while replying to Attique’s counsel’s question, she said

Let’s watch the match together

LAHORE – Let us begin to rejoice our floundering nationalism. Cricket comes forth. City dwellers sing to its romance. A fever has gripped the city. The Cricket World Cup 2011 is about to commence. Let us lower the linguistic flavour. Let us simplify the language. Let us return to the format of a newsreport.
As the Cricket World Cup 2010 comes near arrangements to view and celebrate matches are under way. Excitement is high despite the fact that Pakistan’s dire security situation

The case for Basant

On paper, the case for (dare one say ‘celebrating’) Basant is an absolutely convincing one for a number of reasons. So, take a Gallop poll. Check out an e-mail opinion survey on a television channel. Even call in Human Rights Watch and Transparency International if you want. Go for a UN sponsored investigation, if not a referendum or a plebiscite. Only one outcome is certain, that the majority of the people of Lahore of all ages, from all classes, and belonging to all walks of life

Home Economics students display art

Annual exhibition of Home Economics College kicked off on Friday. Visitors admired the extraordinary work exhibited by the students. The extraordinary work exhibited makes one sense the experience of thought and mastery of hands that has finally evolved into pottery, interior design, weaving, painting, textile design or printing.
Food and Nutrition Department, Textiles and Clothing Department, Human Development Department, Art and or Design Department, Housing Department, Home

Nature Carnival to open at Race Course Park

The World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan (WWF – Pakistan) in collaboration with Allied Bank Raising Star is hosting the 11th Annual Travelling Nature Carnival on Sunday February 13, 2011 at Race Course Park from 8:30am to 6:00 pm. The Nature Carnival is an event aimed at enhancing awareness about nature conservation among students and the general public through interactive games and competitions. The carnival will host an array of activities including an Art Competition, Quiz

Flood victims’ woes forgotten, laments HRCP

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has voiced concern that the problems of the flood-hit population all over Pakistan seem to have come off the priority list even though the difficulties facing the affected people remain as challenging as ever and in some areas have even aggravated.
HRCP has been conducting damage and needs assessment in 33 flood-affected districts across the country and monitoring relief efforts there. In January and February the Commission held

Wet weather for Pakistan

Pakistan Meteorological Department (Met) informed that another weather system of moderate intensity, likely to last for 5 to 6 days, has entered Pakistan through Balochistan on Friday and it is expected to grip most parts of the country on Saturday. Under the influence of this weather system, scattered rain with intervals is expected to pour over Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK), Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir from Saturday to Wednesday. Snowfall of light to moderate

YDA doctors demand transparent process

The medical community decided to protest if any retired professor or a principal of a private medical college will be appointed Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences in near future. Young Doctors Association (YDA) office bearers demanded Punjab Chief Minister to regard the UHS ordinance 2002 and the principle of seniority cum fitness and appoint a senior and capable Professor from Government sector as UHS Vice Chancellor.

Judges get children custody protocol training

Federal judicial academy arranged a workshop in collaboration with British High Commission and NGO “Struggle for Change” for judicial officers at a local hotel. The objective of workshop was to create awareness about the protocol signed by Pakistan Chief Justice (CJ) and the Presidents’ Family Division High Court of England and Wales which ensures that a child removed from lawful custody of parent against the order of a court in Pakistan or UK is brought back to the custody of

LDA rejects 50 percent transfer fee raise

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has turned down a well-planned move of a 50 percent hike in transfer fee of plots in its own housing schemes and decided to uphold the present ratio for all allotted, auction and exemption plots, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The proposal to increase the levy on transfer of plots of 3 marlas, 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 250-square metres and more than 250-square metres was floated by highly-ranked officials working on probation and having close

Special children get awards at Tulip Show closure

The first ever three days Tulip Flower Show came to an emotion packed conclusion at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, the beauty of the flowers providing an inspiration to a large number of flower enthusiasts, growers, farmers and families and at the concluding prize distribution ceremony overflow of emotions as the paintings of the tulips drawn by special children of Rising Sun Institute were displayed. Judges of the painting competition declared Umar’s painting as the top one

IGP orders Gujjar Khan SDPO’s retirement

Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Javed Iqbal has ordered compulsory retirement of Gujjar Khan SDPO Muhammad Jameel Baig on misuse of powers on Friday.
During an inquiry held on IGP’s orders, Jameel was found guilty of charges of violating the provisions of Police Order 2002 and misuse of official power for some ‘ulterior motives’, concluded the Inquiry Officer Dr Muhammad Akhtar Abbas, the then CTO Rawalpindi. During the investigation it was also established that Jameel

Inspiring engineers – Enthralling events at FAST IEEE week continue

FAST chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) brought another enthralling and joyous event EE_HUNT by NUCES Circuit Society (NCS) in which teams from various schools and universities including Beacon house, Lahore Grammar, UET and FAST-LHR participated. All teams had to find a hidden treasure from a set of 6 hidden clues. An exciting commotion by the participants’ lust for the treasure hurled all the boredom out of the campus. UET’s team won.

JI protests against Davis’ expected release

The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) observed a protest day on Friday against possible release of US national Raymond Davis on immense US pressure.
Rallies were held in the federal and provincial capitals, which were attended by JI leaders and other religious leaders. Addressing Friday prayer sermon at Mansoora, JI chief Munawar Hassan said that the rulers were US slaves and nothing good was expected from them. He made it clear that if rulers handed over Davis by compromising national honour

Another bike theft in PU

Punjab University (PU) administration has failed to control motorcycle theft from the varsity as on Friday one more student from PU Political Science Department lost his bike from the hostels’ area. PU students condemned the administration for being unable to control thefts and said they will protest in the coming days against the poor security arrangements in hostels. PU students gathered at the hostels, where Ahmad was found lamenting on the loss of his motorcycle. Ahmad said he was