‘Deformed’ GST

The recent step of the government to impose the ‘Reformed GST’ is yet another step that will lead millions of the poor into abject poverty and make force them to beg for even one morsel of bread. It seems to be a mockery rather than a facility for the poor. The decision also shows how morally lacking is the present coalition in taking principle stance of helping the country come out of poverty and misery it is going through now. I suggest that the new tax should be named ‘deformed

Clean the Zoo

This is to point out to the authorities the cleanliness of the Lahore Zoo. Just a few days ago, it made a trip to the zoo with some younger family members of mine. There was strong stench coming from the cages of the children while litter and other garbage spread on pathways, making it even difficult to visit the zoo.
Such facilities are not just a centre of recreation and fun, they are also good places to learn, particularly for the little children. It can bring information and

Real culprits….

Pakistan’s politics is filled with people of dubious credentials and unaccounted for wealth and assets. They have become a stigma for the country while the results of their wrongdoings are faced by the very people whose votes catapult them to the assemblies. The strange thing is that the thousands of people have been murdered in the country in the disguise of target killings, sectarian violence, ethnic killings, and direct clashes as it happens in Karachi. Still, there is no one found

Banning hate literature

In a bid to control the menace of extremism that has already plagued a major portion of the province, the Khyber Pakhtunkwa government put a ban on Al-Zawahiri’s book “Spaida-e-Sehr Aur Timtamata Chiragh.”
This is a very intelligent and timely step taken by the provincial government. This also shows that the provincial government has realized the importance of hate speech and literature in provoking the feelings of extremism against the state. Pakistan has suffered on the hands

Obama on Jihad

On the second day of his official visit to India, Barack Obama addressed students from a college. After the end of his address, a question was put forward to him regarding his view on Jihad. Majority expected a frustrating answer that would hurt the sentiments of the Muslims worldwide.
However, Obama told the audience that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. The majority of Muslims are peace loving and it is just some black sheep who are giving it a bad name.
I am

‘Nawaz Sharif’s Dilemma’

In response to my letter “Nawaz Sharif’s Dilemma” on the 8 November, Usama Ather on said on the 10 November, “Nawaz Sharif and Democracy, and Benazir and Democracy seem to be two oxymorons”.
He argued that it was the same Nawaz Sharif who gave thumbs up to Zia’s dictatorial regime, and it was the same Benazir who made a deal with Gen Musharraf, so calling them democratic is being oxymoronous.
Interestingly, for some unknown reasons, the writer spared Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who

Violence in society

Police officials on Wednesday thrashed media personnel outside the Chief Minister Secretariat in Lahore over a minor issue.
This incident reminds us that we are living in a society where violence is the only way to solve our problems. Police is supposed to protect citizens of a society not torture them. After the incident the media personnel also held a protest and as a result four of the policemen were arrested. Our society is plagued with violence. We all know the episode in

CID saves Karachi

The recent capture by CID of six terrorists in Karachi and the speed with which our military is hunting down the pawns of battlefield has been extraordinary.
At this crucial hour it is important for Pakistan to act wisely. We have sacrificed a lot in this period of transition from extremism to a moderate mindset in which we refuse to accept the ideology of terrorist organizations.
The men arrested can surely provide further leads. The men captured from the battlefield

Who to blame?

Harping tunes of self pity has become a national trait lately as politicians, anchors, authors and commentators continuously point towards foreign hands and invisible forces that have brought our nation to a pitiable condition but remain unable to trace those who have an origin in the very soil of this country. The mindset is still intact, strengthening even, that allows these lethal hands the freedom to roam at will, and ultimately succeed to destroy its social, moral and economic

An anti-Pakistan Afghanistan

Former military dictator Gen Musharraf has said that India is creating an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan while talking to the Council on Foreign Relations in United States.
He clearly asserted that India was investing heavily in Afghanistan, although it’s not a traditional donor country and is also fuelling the Baloch separatists. Pakistan and India have been traditional adversaries. However, the latter has grown both economically and militarily. Perhaps that’s the reason why its

Lame horse and emaciated donkey

Nawaz Sharif should not give statements below his political stature. He should not call the democracy a horse or martial law a donkey. The statement was totally uncalled for and was unbecoming of a political leader of national level.
Democracy in Pakistan has been made into a lame horse because of the corruption, mismanagement, lack of transparency, credibility, incompetence and other reasons, usuallu caused by the political leaders. The nation has been made an emaciated donkey

Imran Husain

Once too many

Sitting there, two reasonable performances under the belt providing the inspiration to finally watch, expecting a possible and much needed turn of fortunes and suddenly the mood is blown apart. Someone rushes in to the room saying the wicket-keeper has run off!!
Disbelief, ‘don’t joke’, followed by expletives. Then the strip on the media channels confirmed the disaster. Realization that the inevitable stroke of bad luck has struck and this endless saga of horrors is far from the

Agha Akbar

The UNSC club

To sup at the top table, to secure pride of place in the global hierarchy has been India’s enduring ambition since its independence. And this deep rooted desire received a huge boost when US President Barack Obama obliged it with a pledge to support India’s bid for a permanent seat at the UN’s Security Council.
The buoyant optimism in India is understandable but the endorsement is kind of post-dated for it is contingent upon United Nations’ reform. And that definitely will

Ejaz Haider

Take a nap, Butt Sahib

Question 1: what would happen if Ijaz Butt were run into a wall at 10 miles an hour? Answer: the wall would have to be repaired. What happens if an average human being is run into a wall at that speed? He will have to be taken for major repairs.
Question 2: who should then be the PCB chairman – Ijaz Butt or an average human being? Correct answer: Ijaz Butt, thank you and Allah be praised.
This is of course bull. But what the heck, what is Pakistan cricket now if not bull,

New taxes

Well, is it a mini-budget? Given by the major restructuring in the scheme of revenue generation, coupled with the costs to be incurred in flood relief, we can safely say that it is. These taxation measures aren’t going to be too practical. For instance, there is the one-time flood surcharge, which is an additional tax on the salaried classes for a period of six months. Then there is the increment on withholding tax, one that many economists believe businesses will transfer on to the


The PPP and PML(Q) have reportedly reached an agreement on toppling the PML(N) government in Punjab through vote of no confidence. This is bound to revive in many the bitter memories of the 1988-99 period ending in a military coup. But will the PPP be willing to pay the price demanded by the PML(Q), which is the post of the province’s chief minister for the PML(Q) nominee?
The PPP can maintain that the battle was actually initiated by the PML(N) by failing to fulfill the promises

Noise pollution

Careless as we are, we have become habitual to certain practices that are unbecoming of any civilised society. One of them is pollution. It can be very dangerous to the health and environment. The noise pollution is one category that gets the least focus when we discuss about pollution.
The scientists have measured a certain level of noise, which is 86 decibels, that is not harmful for human ears. Anything above that is harmful and consistent noise pollution can cause various