Sibi loadshedding

Sibi in Balochistan is known for its blistering summers. The prickly summer season affects business to the extent that the city gives a haunted look during summers, as anyone who can afford simply leaves for Quetta, the provincial capital where the summer is at least bearable. For those who stay back in Sibi, the summers are made worse by frequent and prolonged loadshedding. Those who happen to have government employment of any kind cannot leave the city for a variety of reasons even if they are in Sibi on transfer or deputation. For them, life during summers becomes one big punishment. The menace of loadshedding also affects water supply, which earlier used to be uninterrupted, but now the taps remain dry. This naturally is a boon for the water tanker mafia which is minting money these days. The shortage of water supply, as one may well imagine, has made survival during the sweltering summers a Herculean task. The people have been left to fend for themselves. They have to pay money to get water, and they have to invest in solar panels, UPSs and generators to make alternative arrangements for power supply. Is it fair? The authorities concerned should chalk out a feasible plan to eliminate the menace of excessive loadshedding at least in a city where mercury remains ruthless during the summers.

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