Accord is critical among Muslims

The constant social media clutter and frivolous content on mainstream media together leave little space for us to focus on anything for a sustained period of time. This shrinking attention span works to the benefit of world powers. The Russia-Ukraine war has hogged the limelight as far as the world community is concerned, but there is no justification for leaving unnoticed the increased and relentless atrocities being committed by Israel against the Palestinians. While their aggression against Muslims and their hold on Al Aqsa Mosque and violation of the sanctity of one of the holiest places for Muslims are being ignored. The Baitul Maqdas remains occupied as we keep getting along with life. It has been occupied with careful planning by the colonists who used, and continue to use, a web of lies, indulge in divide-and-rule policies, and keep hiding behind the facade of two-state solution. To further divide the Islamic world, the colonists have forged partnerships after the so-called ‘normalisation’ with the rulers of some of the Muslim states and are now being invited on the pretext of ‘tolerance’ and ‘interfaith dialogue’. To these rulers, the occupation and violation of the third holiest mosque in Islam seem to have little or no significance.
Taking a cursory look at the map of the Islamic world, one will see land divided by colonists. What right do they have to divide the Islamic world into little countries based on ethnic lines and accepted by the masses? It was done solely as a divide-and-rule mechanism so that the resources of these lands can be stolen. We see today in Baitul Maqdas these colonisers stealing resources of Muslims to benefit Europe and the United States. What is worse is that Muslims fight each other for their own countries rather than booting out the invaders. Muslim rulers play the nationalism card to their advantage. Some Muslim rulers holding hands with Israel are fighting against Muslims, which is to the delight of the entire West.
The Muslims should learn from Malaysia. Under the former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia had a strong relationship with the rest of the Islamic world. The Malaysians are strong supporters of the Palestinian cause. They have taken action against anything anybody has ever thrown their way while seeking to legitimise the occupation of Palestine. The Israelis should be sent packing from the Islamic world. After all, did Khalid Bin Al-Walid not kick out the occupiers of the time who pillaged the Arabian peninsula just like the present-day occupiers of Palestine? His fighting ability and battlefield tactics were always in the service of Islam. He would surely be appalled by the manner in which Muslims are embracing the murderers of Arab Muslims today.

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