We need stability

Unfortunately, Pakistan has fallen prey to narcissistic politicians who simply care about nothing except gaining and regaining power. No one is willing to have a look on the grievances of the poor.

Instead of working hard collectively for resolving national issues, they are only adding fuel to the raging, unforgiving fire of instability.

Irrational approach across the political divide has created chaos of all sorts across the country.

No one wants to sit together and end the prevailing and worsening political instability which is providing room to non-state actors who are actively working to add layers of insecurity. Poverty, lawlessness and uncertainty have together increased the crime rate, with nobody seemingly able to prevail over the criminal elements.

Economic instability is also an outcome of political instability. Be it food insecurity or shrinking foreign reserves, all have roots in flawed policies. It is not difficult to understand that no government can frame a reasonably good policy in such chaotic circumstances.

There is a need to end this narcissism. Pakistan and its people want their due. They are tired of such political tussles and verbal spats between the government and the opposition. The political players should think about people and their future. It is not surprising that the young ones see an uncertain future here. They are moving abroad in search of better future even if with a heavy heart.

The politicians should stop depriving people of having a life in their home-land. Likewise, they should also stop depriving the homeland of a chance to make use of the talent, competence and energy of its youth.

The politicians should think about the voters who trust them and bring them to power again and again. It is time political leaders thought about the plight of the people and tried to turn the country into a place worth living.



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