Wireless operators

While there are growth opportunities in Sindh police, its telecommunication department makes the whole process stagnant. There is no police officer in Sindh police telecommunication department above the rank of sub-inspector.

This step-motherly treatment is meted out only to this particular department of Sindh police. There should be inspectors and deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) in districts and range in-charge, but sub-inspectors are holding all these positions.

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Wireless operators who were recruited in 1982-83 have not been promoted above the rank of sub-inspector after over 35 years of service, which is blatant injustice. They should have been DSPs by now, but have been ignored.

Many wireless operators, who were appointed head constables were still head constables when they retired despite having put in such long service. In the beginning, wireless operators used to be recruited as constables in 1983.

The then inspector-general of police (IGP) in Sindh changed the policy and approved their appointment as head constables, but there has been no particular benefit of that change because the wireless operators remained deprived of any promotion during their entire careers.

They have also been facing issues like denial of technical pay and official vehicles to district officers in charge. The relevant officials, including the provincial IGP, should devise a new strategy for the promotion of wireless officials, and fill the posts of inspectors and DSPs that are lying vacant for long.



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