Midnight nuisance

This refers to an incident that caused great nuisance and distress recently to my community in Karachi’s KDA Scheme No. 1. A few years ago, a private television news channel opened its head office next to our apartments. Every few months, the place is used to host private ceremonies, such as weddings with extremely loud and noisy activities that run well past midnight.

Recently, there was one such night-time event. I wonder if the people running the so-called media houses and news channels have any empathy or care for the mental wellbeing and peace of a residential area.

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The people who do this and arrange such functions do so without any fear of action or remorse for the distress their rowdy functions and gatherings mimicking a school concert regularly cause to the residents of the area.

I hope the authorities or someone will take action and look into controlling the people behind such rash activities that disturb and scar the environment of the whole residential community. Laws need to be implemented strictly to make sure such noisy events do not take place in the middle of a residential community.



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