Teen Drug Addiction

There is a rise in the number of drug addicts in the country. Unfortunately, most of them happen to be teenagers. It all starts with smoking. According to reports, nine out of 10 adults who smoke cigarettes daily first tried smoking by age 18. With an increasing number of flavours and options available in vapes and e-cigarettes, youngsters are inclined to use these products even more. One of the main causes of drug use among teenagers is peer pressure. Youngsters post their pictures on social media using these substances, which encourages, even compels, others to try them as well. Trying to fit in among the ‘cool’ squad, they fall prey to drug addiction before they even realise.
In addition to peer pressure, lack of social skills as well as cultural and social influences are also important factors. Teenagers use recreational drugs to lighten their worries and take some time off. It begins as a naive attempt, but soon turns into a fatal habit. Overdose of certain drugs can also lead to death. If someone is suspected of having fallen in the drug trap, those around the individual must try to be helpful tactfully, and then do their best to be supportive during the withdrawal phase of addiction.

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