First Pakistani boy earns YouTube ‘Diamond Play Button’

LAHORE: Social media is reaching the heights of growth day by day and the revolution coming through it is exposing us to new dimensions every minute with information. New talent is also emerging in every field, a great example of which is a ten-year-old model and actor Musa.

Musa Tanveer, at the age of only ten, is ruling the hearts of millions of people with his acting and modelling skills. His following reached in millions when he started uploading videos.

But due to his young age, TikTok blocked his ID, but Musa Tanveer did not did not leave hope and started a channel on YouTube called ‘Entertainment with Musa’ and kept uploading videos based on social issues in a light-hearted way. His videos were liked all over the world and his channel subscription crossed ten million readers. Having ten million subscribers on YouTube is a great honour. Musa Tanveer is the first Pakistani individual who got this honour.

Keeping in view his popularity and ‘following’, YouTube has awarded Musa Tanveer with the diamond play button in Pakistan which is a unique achievement by a teenager.

One thing is certain that success is the blessing of Allah, but it is conditional with your determination and courage. Difficulties have to be endured to travel on difficult paths, but how can a ten-year-old child reach the heights of fame?

This is also a big question. Seeing Musa Tanveer’s passion, his family supported him, especially Musa’s mother and father Tanveer Riaz helped Musa to move forward with hard work and encouraged him to achieve the goal. That’s the reason that Musa Tanveer, at the age of 10, has made the national flag respectable all over the world.

On individual level, this is a great achievement for Musa Tanveer. Musa’s family belongs to Lahore but are settled in Dubai. Musa is also continuing his education along with his passion.

Musa Tanveer along with his two sisters uploads videos on YouTube with positive messages on his channel ‘Entertainment with Musa’. His family did not know that this Musa’s passion would take him to the heights of fame during a very short period.

Musa Tanveer’s continuous hard work, passion and determination have made him a bright example for others.




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