Shortage of nurses

Despite being considered the backbone of hospitals, nursing staff seldom receives recognition or appreciation for their work. They are faced with dire conditions such as long working hours, stressful environments, complex patient conditions, and lack of support and resources.

Increased dissatisfaction amongst the nursing staff stems from the unmet needs. Poor wages reduce their ability to fulfil basic requirements, which is why they resort to switching professions or migrating abroad. Also, unsafe conditions i.e., an imbalance in nurse-patient ratio induces anxiety and stress among the nurses. Often the female nursing staff are subjected to harassment or abuse at work. They receive little acknowledgement from surgeons and other staff, which causes them to feel alienated. Opportunities for professional growth and training sessions are seldom offered.

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A shortage of nursing staff will put a severe strain on the healthcare department; therefore, relevant authorities and hospital management must take the initiative to improve working conditions for nurses. Their salaries must be raised to ensure staff dedication and strict policies should be enforced to ensure safe and secure working conditions for all staff members. Also, nurses should be engaged in the decision-making process and be offered non-monetary rewards to recognise their hard work and foster a sense of connection among them. Without taking measures to create a cooperative and cordial environment, the hospitals will remain unable to halt the turnover of nurses.



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