Airlines rearrange flights to avoid fog at Lahore airport

LAHORE: Foreign airlines rearranged their flights to escape the foggy conditions at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore.

But the airport was functional for flights landing and taking off with fog blanketing the runway reducing the visibility to 800 metres.

In view of the latest situation, foreign airlines have now rescheduled their night flights to the daytime.

Qatar Airways flight QR-620 from Doha which was scheduled to touch down at 1:00 am at Lahore airport arrived at 11:00 am.

Flight J-9501 coming from Kuwait was due to land at 5:00 am but touched down at 11:30 am, flight TK-714 coming from Istanbul landed at 1:00 pm and British Airways flight BA-259 coming from London landed at 11:00 am after delayed for four hours.

The schedule of the flights leaving Lahore for Jeddah, Kuwait, Doha, Istanbul, London and Karachi was also altered.


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