Teaching with technology

Technology has many different tools through which many students are getting advantages to achieve their respective aims. Nowadays new technologies are growing, and they are trying to use to achieve virtual and online things that were impossible in the past. Due to new technology, everyone is earning virtually, and students are learning their education at home.
Technology helps students and teachers in different ways to achieve their goals like online education, entrepreneurship, teaching, and online collaboration, etc. Technology helps students to share their notes, documents presentation, voice pictures even they can talk with each other through new technologies that were impossible in the past. It helps students to boost their learning skills. It makes teaching more interesting through the use of the projector in class. Through technology, students can now be provided with digital textbooks, lectures, notes, books- with a lot of money saved.
Teaching with technology also allows for distance learning and makes education accessible for those people for whom internet connectivity is a problem. Nowadays distance learning is the most trendy method of education. People can utilize their time for learning knowledge in specialised areas, whatever they are interested in. Teachers can deliver online lectures and take online assignments homework and can change the entire course development. By using technology teachers can improve resources of teaching and control their workload. Teachers can teach from any location; that was not possible in the past.
In the past, the number of seats for the setting was limited; but now students can take classes from their homes.
However there are certain disadvantages too, mostly with what to do if the technology fails or is not that advanced yet. Students can’t take their classes without the internet and they can’t submit their task documents without the internet. Teachers don’t allow to deliver lectures without the internet. Without the internet, teachers don’t have the opportunity to offer the same course in different designs.

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