Sinopharm vaccine 93pc effective in preventing hospitalisation: study

ISLAMABAD: The Sinopharm vaccine is 93 per cent effective at keeping people infected with the coronavirus out of the hospital, according to a study conducted by the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre.

Authorities said the research found a significant decrease in the rate of new Covid-19 infections among people who received a second dose of the vaccine in the emirates. The study found the vast majority of those who were infected after completing the course suffered mild symptoms and did not require treatment in the hospital.

The vaccine was found to be 93 per cent effective in preventing hospitalisation and 95 per cent effective against admission to intensive care, according to the research. No deaths were recorded among people who received all doses required.

Immunity against the coronavirus is best achieved through vaccination and by sticking to precautionary measures designed to restrict the spread of the virus, the researchers said.

The study also found immunity is not guaranteed after infection.

The researchers said the risk of contracting the virus increases as the virus mutates, and that the chances of the virus mutating increase with its spread. There is also a possibility that the infection may lead to long-term health complications.

The study found post-Covid-19 syndrome, also known as long Covid, “may affect some senior citizens, people with chronic diseases, and even healthy individuals”.

“Complications include damage to multiple organs, blood clots, and other complications that may require long-term medical attention,” the media office said.


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