Expensive marriages

I want to draw your attention towards lavish marriages in Pakistan. Marriage is an occasion, where everyone in our society celebrates more than their means. In Islam, it’s only about 2 people bound to each other for their whole life; which needs to be celebrated, but it’s now started as a trend for people to show off their money.

Places organized, expensive clothes, special costumes for bride and groom, more than one item served to be eaten and much more. Specially in well-known famous personalities, rich people and political personalities are giving it a push that, wedding is nothing without a lavish set-up and there should be at least 3-5 functions organized because two people are getting married. And yes, of course the dowry; how can a girl moved from her own house to new one without bringing anything with her. Although the bills has passed by government of Pakistan to ban such dowry and rituals. Still, they failed to strictly enforced on these kind of people.

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Amna Shahab


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