Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is a kind of technology which is related to the transformation of genes. It is not just part of the human body, but it can be helpful to make things artificially. Pakistan is not adopting such technological benefits. On other hand, Chinese people eat a heavy amount of non veg food. Currently they are working to make all kinds of meat artificially through genetic engineering to save the life of animals. The US also adopted genetically modified organism (GMO) techniques to make soyabean, corn, sugar, and cotton. In 2018, the US made 94% of soybean and cotton, 92% of corn and in 2013, 99.9% sugar was made through genetic engineering.

On the other hand, A researcher said, Pakistan made corn and maize through genetic engineering, but few farmers claimed this technology damaged the land and caused allergies and cancers. Still many issues arise in implementation of genetic engineering. However, such reasons and research does not seem effective. Because the world is going to be competitive. When competition increases then moving back or giving arguments is considered as defeat. If there is a problem then a solution is also present. Why have other countries adopted such technology? Are they not faced with such issues? Genetic engineering is a kind of technology where making profits is easy by enhancing the ratio of imports. Specifically, Pakistan is taking on a large amount of debt to fulfil economic demands.

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Ragni Lund


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