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PBC striving to promote music, culture

ISLAMABAD: Radio Pakistan Director General Shafqat Jalil has said that Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is striving to promote music and culture of Pakistan. He said this while inaugurating musical event titled “Bolti Sham”

Atif Bajwa elected PBC Chairman

Bank Alfalah President and CEO Atif Aslam Bajwa was unanimously elected Chairman of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) at the 54th meeting of the PBC Board. The newly elected board also unanimously

Khawaja ends ‘eventful’ 23 days as top judge

In a setting involving cancellation of Barrister Ali Zafar’s license and lawyers’ boycott of Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Jawwad S Khawaja’s farewell parties, former attorney general of Pakistan (AGP) and chairman of the Pakistan Bar Council, Irfan Qadir served a platter of accusations to the state head against the outgoing chief judge who served for a record shortest term of 23 days.

PBC board supports early privatisation

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) on Tuesday strongly supported the early privatisation of State Owned Enterprises (SOE). A statement issued by the PBC said that most of the SOE were losing money

PBC observes strike against Rehman’s killing

The lawyer bodies throughout Pakistan are observing three-day mourning against the target killing of southern Punjab Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) coordinator Rashid Rehman Advocate and boycotted the courts on Friday.