Accountability in a pandemic

While the world fights for its life, the government guns for the opposition At one level, it does not make sense. Faced with perhaps the greatest challenge of the country’s existence, in

Our own worst enemy

Covid-19 has taken Pakistan by storm, many lives are lost, and thousands are affected. But it seems like this is not an epidemic after all. The government says that the public is

Corona fears

The dreaded coronavirus pandemic is spreading very fast because our government is confused. After easing the lockdown there was a huge rush of Eid shoppers. In a panic, the state reduced the

Easing the lockdown

After the outbreak of covid 19, pakistan is facing terrible ecnomic crises. Not only pakistan developed countries are facing this problem too. Due to which the decision of easing in lockdown is

Fee reduction issue

Private schools have become favourite whipping boys of all & sundry. They are called “mafia” by the parents, politicians & the judiciary. Interestingly, come admission time and one sees long queues of

Terrorism on the rise  

 Fresh wave should be dealt with swiftly A fresh wave of terrorism has hit the country that has primarily targeted security forces. The latest of these attacks has claimed the lives of


The war on science and reason

A deep-seated culture of ignorance and denial continues to dominate the covid-19 discourse By: Haris Ali Virk Watching the pictures of bustling bazaars and markets filled with shopping enthusiasts, I was reminded

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Pak-Iran relations

Relations were cordial until the Revolution Recently an improvised explosive device (IED) hit a vehicle of the military personnel in Buleda (district Kech) Balochistan near the Pak-Iran border, killing one major of