Raoof Hasan

A collective moment

Time to transcend the barriers of hate “Peace is the only battle worth waging.” Albert Camus The manner in which India and Pakistan have chosen to live next to each other over

Pakistan and India

What now? Clearly any hopes that Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandhan’s quick and decent repatriation would trigger a thaw were misplaced. The other side, especially its media, has become even more

IMF program after all

Getting worse before getting better There seems more than a grain of truth in news circulating about the government finally signing a bailout program with the IMF. Hopefully they will not deny

Mian Abrar

The fight for peace

Over the years what we have done to our subcontinent? In this era of enhanced communication, integration and rapid economic development, the world is evolving into more peaceful, prosperous and affluent place.

White Lies

Where is the press czar of the current government? Ever since his tussle with Naeem ul Haq, the man seems to be on a soft gag order of sorts. He used to

Arif Nizami

Modi’s reality check

And Islamabad’s own isolation With an eyeball to eyeball confrontation between two nuclear powered adversaries resulting in actual military skirmishes, international diplomacy had to kick-in sooner or later. US president Donald Trump

After Abhinandan’s release

International community must rein in India It was a wise decision by Imran Khan to release the Indian pilot Abhinandan. Any delay would have helped BJP warmongers to further inflame public sentiments