Violation of election code sparks concerns in Lahore’s NA-125

LAHORE: In Lahore’s constituency NA-125, reports have emerged of a violation of the Election Commission’s Code of Conduct. Concerns were raised regarding instances in Raiwand where voters were observed taking pictures with their mobile phones after casting their votes.

The specific incident involved citizens capturing images of their ballot papers, a practice strictly prohibited by the Election Commission. It’s worth noting that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had explicitly banned the possession of mobile phones within polling stations to maintain the integrity and secrecy of the voting process.

The violation of the Code of Conduct has raised concerns about the sanctity of the electoral process in NA-125. Instances like these undermine the principles of fair and transparent elections that the Election Commission strives to uphold.

Authorities are expected to investigate the matter thoroughly and take necessary measures to ensure compliance with electoral regulations in order to maintain the integrity of the democratic process.


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