Arshad Sharif Case: Court halts proceedings due to non-seriousness of witnesses

ISLAMABAD: A local court of Islamabad halting the further proceedings in Arshad Sharif murder case due to absence of witnesses sent the case file to record room.

In his written decision of the previous hearing issued on Wednesday, Judicial Magistrate Abbas Shah observed that the court had received the investigation report of Section 512 of Pakistan Penal Court on March 16 in the Arshad Sharif murder case.

Subsequently the court summoned witnesses on April 5 to record their statements but none appeared before it, the verdict added. The court further said that witnesses were not interested to record their statements as they did not appear despite 15 chances were given to the prosecution to submit their statements.

Keeping in view the situation, the court maintained that it stopped further proceedings in the case and that the prosecution might file another application for hearing as per the appearance of witnesses. The file of Arshad Sharif murder case was being sent to record room till further orders, it added.


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