Trump and other cowards surrender to courts

You might like Donald Trump or not, you might think his politics is your cup of tea or not, you might consider him a racist and a misogynist, but you would never have thought he was a coward. Well, that’s what he showed he was, by tamely surrendering before the court and entering a plea.

On the other hand, we have Imran Khan, who refused to surrender to the minions of the oppressive apparatus that overthrew him, neither at Zaman Park, nor at the Judicial Complex Islamabad. Surely Trump could have got some of the luminaries who attacked the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, to appear for his court appearance. He could have made it clear that wearing a Viking’s headdress was not compulsory, and thus made sure that more people would flock to the courtroom where he was to appear.

There are two other luminaries who are running away from the law. Rahul Gandhi has actually been convicted of libel and turfed out of India’s Parliament. He is a perfect example of why Imran shies away from receiving the indictment even more than a horse stung under its tail by a wasp. Kangaroo courts can convict, and then there you are, banned from Parliament. Of course, Rahul has shown that he too is a coward. Surely there are enough Congress supporters to prevent the court from pronouncing sentence.

I don’t know what Imran is worried about. He would always get bail. He has been, which has got the Parliament so upset that it passed a resolution against the Supreme Court. Even though the Constitution itself forbids Parliament from discussing the courts. The Speaker was not down upon the offending members like a ton of bricks, expunging the offending remarks.

Another coward is Benjamin Netanyahu, who is running breathlessly ahead of a criminal

Trump surrenders to court; proves he’s a coward, Netanyahu is actually being tried, and has not succeeded yet in reforming the judiciary. True, Imran doesn’t have to deal with judges who are, like the Israeli Supreme Court, under the influence of the left-wing, the press and the opposition, which is out to get him. Netanyahu is accused of accepting bribes and gifts to help the donors in their business endeavours. Maybe he’s trying to find solace from his legal troubles by ordering the forces into Al-Aqsa mosque. That has virtually become an annual event for Ramadan: raiding Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan. It’s an annual fixture, like the bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Actually, the Supreme Court should go according to the law, rather than its convenience. The learned judges should keep in mind the fate of all those who favoured Imran, like Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan and Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa. But despite what the parties might say, I’m sure the Court is deciding according to the law and Constitution. I don’t want to be subject to contempt proceedings, so I apologize in advance for anything and everything, including being born.

It continues to be a mild Ramzan, though I notice that finally the weather seems to be heating up. Of course, heat is not something to mention in Bangladesh, where there was a massive fire in Banga Bazaar, Dhaka’s main cloth market. What added urgency was that shopkeepers had just stocked up for the Eidul Fitr sales. A Lot of Bangladeshis are going to have to make do with last summer’s clothes. Imagine if that was to happen over here. Imagine Azam Cloth Market going up in flames in Lahore. Or the Bara Market in Rawalpindi. Or the Zainab and Empress Markets in Karachi.

What the fire was not, was a celebration of Bangldesh’s win in the one-off Test against Ireland. Y’know, Bangladesh is the team everyone plays to create a record. To take one example, Australian pacer Jason Gillespie scored a double hundred against Bangladesh. His next best score was 54 not out against New Zealand. However, Bangladesh seems to have3 found their Bangladesh in Ireland. I don’t think any records were broken by the Bangldeshis, but for once they won. That gives a feeling that beats being cheerful in defeat.




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