Punjab decides probe as sugar prices shoot up across country

ISLAMABAD: The price of sugar continues to increase in different cities of the country and its price jumped to Rs6,000 per 50kg bag in a month in wholesale market while the caretaker Punjab government has launched a probe into exorbitant hike in sugar price.

According to dealer, in Faisalabad, the sugar price increased from Rs130 to Rs135 after an increase of Rs40 per kg.

The price of sugar has increased by Rs20 in Hyderabad whereas it has gone up to Rs120 in the wholesale market and Rs130 per kg in retail in Karachi.

On the other hand, in Peshawar, sugar price has increased by Rs35 to Rs125 per kg in two weeks and the price of molasses has been increased by Rs20 to Rs150 per kg.

In Quetta, one kg sugar is being sold at Rs125 and in the suburbs at Rs130 per kg.

On the other hand, normal quality ghee is available in Peshawar at Rs450 to Rs490 per kg, while the chicken is being sold at Rs380 per kg with an increase of Rs65 per kg in two weeks.

In Peshawar, the prices of fruits have also recorded an increase, with Kino being sold at Rs500 per dozen, Strawberry at Rs400 to Rs450 per kg, Melon at Rs120, Watermelon at Rs70 and Guava Kohati at Rs400 per kg.

‘Punjab launches probe into increase in sugar price, smuggling’

Meanwhile, the Punjab government on Sunday launched a probe into the continuous increase in sugar price and smuggling to Afghanistan.

Sources said the investigation would find out which routes were used to smuggle sugar to the other side of the border. The Punjab Cane Commissioner has asked for details from the sugar mills, sources further said, adding mill owners and dealers involved in sugar smuggling would be investigated.

It has been learned that so far 400,000 tons of sugar has been smuggled to Afghanistan. Sources added that due to the Rs25 per kg increase in the price of sugar, the mill owners have benefited to the tune of Rs115 billion.

‘Customs foils bid to smuggle sugar’

Meanwhile, Pakistan Customs Balochistan launched a crackdown to curb sugar smuggling and recovered a lot of parcels of sugar after foiling a bid of smuggling in the province.

According to the spokesperson for Pakistan Customs Balochistan, Dr Ata Bareach, 1,960 parcels of sugar were seized from three trucks with the support of FC and Custom personnel at Lakpass area of Mastung.

Similarly, Nutal and Darakhshan field enforcement units recovered 2650 parcels of sugar from 4 vehicles coming on Quetta-Sindh-Punjab highway.

The spokesman said that the attempts to smuggle 848 metric tons of sugar were foiled during the last two weeks.



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