Religious scholar assassinated in Karachi

KARACHI: Maulana Abdul Qayyum Sufi, a renowned cleric, was shot dead on Tuesday morning in the Gulistan-i-Jauhar neighbourhood of Karachi after morning prayers, police said.

The police reported he was heading back home after prayers when two assailants on a motorcycle opened fire on him.

Sufi was a member of the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) and a prayer leader at Mohammadia Noorani Islamic Centre. He was also the head of the Noorani Islamic Centre at Jamia Masjid Muhammadia.

The police have launched an investigation to catch the attackers.

This incident follows the 2020 murder of Muhammad Adil, another religious scholar, and his driver, who was gunned down by unidentified armed men in Karachi. Adil was on his way when the attackers, riding a motorcycle, opened fire on his vehicle in Shah Faisal Colony.


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